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Full Shade

Begonia, tuberous



Requires occasional watering, once or twice a week. Large blossoms will drop on their own when spent but can also be removed manually. Should be in location sheltered from heavy wind.



Bridal Veil

rff-flower-15 rff-flower-14


Requires occasional watering. Has many small, white blossoms and very full foliage. Spent blossoms do not need to be removed.




Wandering Jew


Requires occasional watering. The plant develops tiny purple flowers as the season progresses, but it's grown for its variegated foliage.








Requires occasional watering. Many blooms that literally drip nectar which make them a favorite for hummingbirds. Spent blossoms can be removed by shaking the plant, or by a strong breeze. Only available in the pink and purple combination as the picture shows.





rff-flower-8 rff-flower-9


One of the most tolerant flower plants. Does well in a variety of conditions. Prefers regular watering but can go several days without. Spent flowers drop on their own after drying out and will blow away so minimal clean-up. Available only in purple.





New Guinea Impatien

rff-flower-6 rff-flower-7


Can withstand full sun, but thrives when shielded from the hot afternoon sun. Spent flowers will drop, but can also be easily removed manually to avoid them lying on the foliage. Available in pink, white, violet, purple, and red.




Part Sun

Boston Fern

rff-flower-5Requires occasional watering. Can grow fairly large when fertilized regularly.




rff-flower-4 rff-flower-3

Requires regular watering. Spent flowers must be removed manually. Available in purple, pink, white, and red.






rff-flower-2 rff-flower-1

Requires regular watering. Will wilt if allowed to dry out completely but can recover quickly. Spent blossoms must be removed manually. Flowers respond to sunlight level by closing at night and on cloudy days. Available only in yellow.




petunia2 Petunia1

Requires regular watering. Spent blossoms should be removed manually. Available in white, pink, and purple.




Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

calibrachoa2 calibrachoa1


Requires regular watering. Spent blossoms will fall by themselves with a breeze or can be removed by shaking the basket. Available in purple, pink, orange, red, or yellow.